About Us

NGEDS is a unique institution in India, which is serving globally for the people who are likely below poverty line. We are dedicated to uplift the poor and root out poverty.The RTE (Rite to education) is the first and foremost step to reach out those families where education is beyond the reach of them and they do not know the importance of schools in their life. 

Our Vision

A Society where people are educated and playing positive role through village level institution for bringing about a better change in environment and the income of resource poor community the change process adopted by community targeting gram swaraj and achieving success.

Our Mision

For translating  the vision into reality following mission has been adopted by the members of NITAI GAUR FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT  SOCEITY  Establish live model of integrated development of resource poor community at village level and empower a team of trained local people for accelerating the pace of neural development while utilizing the village and training center and the local people as instructors of promoting participatory. Management process in collaborative manner. Documents the process for developing educational material to promote the appropriate process involved by NITAI GAUR FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT  SOCEITY: with the helps of NGOs having similar vision. Capacity building of youth in information management and technology promotion for development of local resources and skills in producing better gain for all.

Our Goal

Empower & self Sustainable to community through advocacy Awareness & Capacity building.