Supporting Agencies/ Ministries

NGEDS is a unique institution in India, which is serving globally for the people who are likely below poverty line. We are dedicated to uplift the poor and root out poverty.The RTE (Rite to education) is the first and foremost step to reach out those families where education is beyond the reach of them and they do not know the importance of schools in their life. 

    • Ministry of Minorites Affairs and National Book Trust
    • Health department
    • Siksha Vibhag (N.P.G.L)
    • Zila Sakserta sammit
    • Bal Sharm Vidyalay
    • Vikas vibhag
    • N.R.G.A.
    • Prayavarn Mantralay Bharat Sarkar
    • Panchayti raj
    • Nation Trust